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Producer . Filmmaker . Director .Media Maker




I live in Southern  Illinois on a 40-acre farm in the heart of rural America.

I graduated  film school when I was 48 years old with a degree in film production from the Cinema and Photography Department at Southern Illinois University...with graduate work in the same field


This was after a 15-year hiatus as a black

and white still photographer,

while I raised my children.


I have been making documentary films

since my first super 8mm class.

My commitment to the documentary form goes back to an early grassroots need to contribute, enlighten, and honor the lives of the people around us.


As a social issue documentary film and

media maker, I am always

in search of the tie that binds us. 

I am a  member of the artist collective, The Wastelanders.



As a documentary filmmaker my goal is to

bring truth and integrity to the subject matter.

To move an audience via creative elements.


To me, film is a masterful art, it is like a book,

a piece of music, and a painting all rolled into one.

It has a beginning,

a middle and an end, it has a rhythm,

a cadence, and a beat, and it can be

visually stunning. It has a dénouement,

a grand finale.


It can bring great notions to many

and it can move people to tears or laughter to

refresh their soul.


As a social issue documentary

filmmaker, I believe in the

power of film

to change things, change people,

to educate and enlighten, 

to make a difference in social justice,

while leaving a legacy of

archival material

for future generations.



'in search of who we are'

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